Writing poems at the end of the night. I’ve been doing this for almost five years. Not every night. About half of the nights. It’s become a healthy creative ritual. It complemented the sleep-deprived days and nights of being a new parent. It complemented the chaotic reign of Trump. It…

LeBron James To Return ‘Soon’ From Abdomen Strain (Russell Westbrook is Mildly Disappointed)

Luke Walton’s Job Could Be In Danger If Kings Continue To Struggle (Luke Walton’s Job Has Never Not Been in Danger)

NBA In Advanced Stages Of Investigation On Tampering In Lonzo Ball, Kyle Lowry Deals (Tampering Is…

We’ll Make it to the Playoffs. We Will.

Klay Thompson Could Return Before Christmas (Ordered a Giant Present Box to Sit Inside and Let Steph Unwrap at Center Court When He Makes Season Debut)

John Wall Unlikely To Play This Season (Has to Organize His Google Drive Folder)

Marvin Bagley Refused To Enter Game Against Suns (Was Waiting…

Baseball is always more fun when your team isn’t supposed to win. The Rays were a strange juggernaut. They lost their ace in June and collected pitchers throughout the season like rare coins, always adding strike-throwers for the pen. A juggernaut built on constant adaptation, platoon splits and homers, with…

A Guide to Enjoying NBA Basketball and Ignoring the Soap Opera

Do you love basketball? Do you watch basketball? Do you read about basketball? Do you own a basketball and occasionally even shoot a basketball into a hoop?

If you love the game, you might be exhausted by the drama…

Jonah Hall

Writing. Poetry. Personal Essays. On the NBA, MLB, media, journalism, culture, teaching and humor.

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