10 Things In My Head, Volume 2

  1. I imagine Thanksgiving break is hard to recover from if you spent the last few days sitting on a couch and eating lots of food and sleeping in. That wasn’t me. Tomorrow will be Monday, as is often the case on Sunday nights.
  2. The Boston Celtics are 18–3, with the top record in the NBA. This is absurd. Prediction: They win 61 games, but the playoffs will be much tougher than some expect.
  3. Staying on top of everything that needs to be done is much more complicated when living with a five-month old baby. Dinners, laundry, fur balls that float off of two very furry dogs and onto the floor. This is not news, but it is one thing in my head at the moment.
  4. Laurie Penny’s “The Unforgiving Minute” should be read by everyone. Here’s a quote: “The notion that women’s agency and dignity might be more important than men’s right to act like grabby children whenever they want may feel like uncharted territory, but some of us have lived here all along.”
  5. Joy Harjo’s “Perhaps the World Ends Here” is a wonderful poem. Kitchen tables at the center of everything.
  6. Joe Swanberg’s Netflix series “Easy” isn’t mind-blowing, but it’s an entertaining mix of funny, cringe-worthy, sad, and completely believable. Season Two is out in a week.
  7. We now have a high chair. The dogs are prepared to clean all around it.
  8. Mom, or should I say “Grandma,” visits this week.
  9. We might be going out to see a movie, like on a date, before Grandma leaves. Very exciting.
  10. These five months have gone by outside of the constraints of time. A new universe, altered by sleep-deprivation, wonder, and the juggling act of two working parents and one working baby.
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Five stickers for five months.

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