10 Thoughts on a Sunday

  1. A little extra sleep. Thank goodness for a weekend morning.

2. Watching the Babajaba watch the cello music on YouTube, she sits in my lap and moves her arm like tbe cellist. Air guitar, air cello.

3. We practice walking and then I put her in the stroller, then take her out of the stroller, then into the car seat, then out of the car seat, then we are sitting in the booth of the place we are eating brunch, then out of the booth, then back in the booth, then back out of the booth, then the car seat again, then out of the car seat again, then finally…in the crib again for nap time. Sometimes parenting is baby placement.

4. The buttermilk blueberry pancakes. The bourbon honey butter. The empty restaurant booth after we have taken turns eating with the baby in our laps. The time waiting to pay the bill while sitting in the empty booth.

5. The bloody poop on the floor of the living room when we returned home, even after the little dog pooped twice earlier in the morning.

6. The thoughts about the beginning of the school year and the search for yet another book to help the year go slightly more smoothly; the never-ending search.

7. The baseball game on the television. The game I would have attended in previous years, before baby, before baseball friends moved out of town, before lots of things. The tickets I gave to the teenager yesterday, at the community pool where Natasha shows our baby how to be comfortable in the water, something I never fully learned, though I appreciate a bath.

8. The new baby clothes for the fall, now that she’s too long for 12 months. The weather will get colder in November. Always planning for the months ahead.

9. The upcoming trip, when Mama leaves for the first time, without the baby, heading out to help her family with their move. Grandma arriving the night before Mama leaves.

10. The next thing and then the next and then the next. Still taking the time to realize there is a now.

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