15 Reasons to Write Lists

1. You never get too invested in anything you’re writing…which limits the mild disappointment that results from few reading it in the age of too much information.

2. The numbers provide some sense of cohesion even when there’s minimal cohesion at best.

3. If you start by stating you will list a specific number of items, you always know when you’re done.

4. Most of us have been conditioned to believe lists are written by organized people and they lead to productivity. When you write a list you get to pretend you are organized and productive.

5. Listos means ready.

6. Lists are neat and clean, unless you spill coffee on them, which is harder to do when writing them with a computer.

7. For those days when time doesn’t permit you to write for more than 20 minutes, you’ll have slightly more than one minute for each item on a 15-item list.

8. About halfway through the list, you might hit a road bump, or a list bump. You might need to take a moment and regroup. Gather your thoughts. Listen.

9. What is this list about? Is it about the concept of lists? Our desire to group things into categories? Is it about writing in the internet age? Is it about using the list as a template? Is it about how arbitrary most lists are? Yes.

10. Instead of crossing things off a list, I find it reassuring to continually add things to a list. That way, you never run out of things.

11. Lists are really just words, strung into sentences. Sometimes a few together. They’re not that big a deal. Calm down.

12. Someone is playing a trumpet. Not badly. Not Miles Davis either. In their home. There’s also a plane flying overhead.

13. I was going to read a book for these 20 minutes. Story of my life.

14. So many books. Imagine if they’d all been written in list form?

15. The end.

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