5 Things In My Head, Volume 3 (Net Neutrality, Celtics. Baby Carriers, etc.)

Here are five things that are in my head at the moment, on Tuesday morning, November 28th.

1. Net neutrality

…is one of the few equalizers left in today’s internet. These findings about 1.3 million spambot comments attempting to drown out the debate are straight Orwellian. Disgrace.

If you believe in an internet that shouldn’t be homogenized any more than it already is (a few companies dominating the landscape and algorithms dominating news based on advertising dollars based on clickbait) then you should be worried about repealing net neutrality.

The fact that the online debate is being overwhelmed by fake comments should also cause concern. If there is no hope for actual debate online (which may officially be the case by now) then the internet is something other than what we think it is. Keep your eyes on 2020 and building a more educated majority when it comes to internet regulation.

2. Carried

I finally bought a good baby carrier. With a fussy five month-old whose teeth are making her extra unhappy, it makes a huge difference to be hands-free and to get her snuggly so she’ll be ready to accept the morning nap. This is not a small victory. The nap is why I can type at the moment.

3. Pistons defeat Celtics in Boston

With Cleveland and Miami playing better, and Detroit now 13–6, the 18–4 Celtics are about to settle into a very busy stretch of the season. Because of their London trip in mid-January (with that being their only game between January 6th and January 16th), the Celtics play 17 games in December, whereas most teams play 15. Detroit is currently surprising teams with crisp ball movement and better shooting than expected. Amazing what a healthy point guard, and Avery Bradley’s infectious enthusiasm can do. Andre Drummond was dominant last night, and Tobias Harris lit the young Jayson Tatum up.

4. Stressing

Why does my mom’s impending visit cause me to pre-emptively stress? Maybe because I’m already juggling enough, without worrying about and dealing with her. Maybe because my childhood was full of unnecessary stress. Maybe because I’ve worked at overcoming those patterns of self-imposed stress. Maybe because I’m not meditating at all lately.

5. Quiet

One thing I love about the morning baby nap: Quiet and sunlight.

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