Baseball is always more fun when your team isn’t supposed to win. The Rays were a strange juggernaut. They lost their ace in June and collected pitchers throughout the season like rare coins, always adding strike-throwers for the pen. A juggernaut built on constant adaptation, platoon splits and homers, with…

A Guide to Enjoying NBA Basketball and Ignoring the Soap Opera

Do you love basketball? Do you watch basketball? Do you read about basketball? Do you own a basketball and occasionally even shoot a basketball into a hoop?

If you love the game, you might be exhausted by the drama…

1 Imagine your thoughts as clouds passing in the sky while you lie in a green field. Do not imagine a thunderstorm, or a rowboat on a choppy sea, or a mound of fire ants hidden in the patchy grass. Just imagine the clouds.

2. Imagine your thoughts as crows…

We have a strong urge to categorize. It’s what humans have been doing for as long as we’ve existed. We categorize everything. Food. Music. Movies. Television. Schools. And of course, people. Especially athletes.

We judge people based on the most superficial aspects of life. Appearance. Height. Weight. Skin color. Voice…

Trae Young silencing the Madison Square Garden fans in his playoff debut. (Getty images)

Trae Young is a point guard for the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA.

Trae Young is not a superhero, though I can see why you think he is.

Trae Young is a blur of human momentum.

Trae Young is not visible under normal conditions.

Trae Young is barely 6 feet…

There are now eight teams remaining in the NBA Playoffs. This year’s NBA scoring leaders: Steph Curry (32.0), Bradley Beal (31.3), and Damian Lillard (28.8) are all on well-deserved vacation, though they’d prefer to be playing in the Conference Semis. All three are incredible scorers, with Curry and Lillard showcasing…

An artistic basketball and hoop sketch I found.

Damian Lillard is not concerned when defenders are near him. He treats them like a monk might treat a mosquito. With mild curiosity perhaps, but without any fear or doubt. Giving away any of his focus would detract from the goal: Shoot the basketball through the hoop. Regardless of how…

Philadelphia 76ers (1) v Washington Wizards (8): Sixers up 2–0

Exactly what the Sixers needed — no drama until the next round. Ben Simmons needs a strong showing throughout these playoffs to silence the never-ending doubters — who rightfully wonder how a modern NBA playoff contender will function when their point guard can’t shoot. …

So many red baskets.

I MUST ADMIT… I worked at CVS Pharmacy in Arlington, Massachusetts during my junior and senior years of high school. I hope it was only that long. I may have worked there the summer after my freshman year of college.

I worked two-to-three days a week, after school, adding more…

We are stronger together. photo via Visual Hunt

Zoom (noun): an internet application many humans have been using for the last year to hear (and often) see each other on the internet, through arranged meetings.

Community (noun): formerly an actual place or physical area, now also an abstract idea of humans being connected via the Internet or phone

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