Favorite Cleaning Moments from 2016

1. Muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor after rainy days.
2. Dust bunnies, especially in the bathroom.
3. Bacon spatter on the stove.
4. Dried crumbling leaves near back door.
5. Wood chips and tree seeds, brought in by dogs after trip to park.
6. Candy and chips wrappers among the woods chips in the park.
7. Daddy long legs crawling up the wall.
8. Keeshond fur, behind, in front of, and on top of everything, especially dark clothing and my beard.
9. Purple flowers from the strange bush in the back, carried on dog backs.
10. Coffee stains on the counter and cabinet doors.
11. Dust and fur on stairs.
12. Shower gunk on porcelain.
13. Toothpaste splatter on bathroom mirror.
14. Toilet.
15. Sweeping back steps of debris.
16. Leaves in driveway.
17. Trimming hedges and small branches which stretch out at eye-level.
18. Trimming beard, mustache and wild nose hairs.
19. Grill grease.
20. Bending to yank weeds, more weeds and more weeds and more weeds.
21. Mowing grass, sweeping debris, mowing grass, sweeping debris.
22. Exterior and interior of car, filled with dog-related organic matter.
23. Dog poop from dog fur near dog butts.
24. Kitchen floor.
25. Classroom tables, spills on the floor, white boards, and gum…gum on the damn floor.
26. Acrylic paint from hands, wrists and forearms.
27. Now we all get to clean up the broken shards of democracy, after it slammed to earth and went splintering across the land in all directions.

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