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Each table

Covers the globe

The students, not mine

But ours, each others

For the moment.

Find commonalities

Share names

And your favorite

Flavor of ice cream.

Innocuous items:

Find someone who

Doesn’t like broccoli.


If you go back

Far enough

Means roommate.

In this room,

Laughter and movement,

Nobody too afraid

To speak English

Right now.

Find someone who

Is an only child.

Only one:

Chinese teenager

In a room of 30.

Some have ten siblings.

We have one.

Of our own.

Will she be

An only child?

Is that possible,

With two fur creatures?

And a bin full

Of sometimes

Animate friends,

Zoology 101.

Time and place.

We point to the map.

Moldova, Algeria.

Countries not often

Heard from.

I can hear enough

To know:

This is America,

Newly arrived.

So many

Brothers and sisters.

We have so many

Blood is only

One way

To measure.

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