I’m grateful for many things.

*Family. A wonderful partner, whose patience with our lovely, silly, spirited baby girl is endless, and for two caring and sweet fur babies.
*Fatherhood. I’m aware and grateful for this new universe of wonder, improvisation, silliness, and responsibility. I love my partner and my daughter.
*Family beyond this home. For their love and support.
*Friends, near and far. Those who stay connected throughout the ups, downs, and sideways turns of life in our mid-to-late 30s.
*Health. After not being healthy, its easy to appreciate not getting really sick over the last 6 months.
*Teaching. I’m thankful for having adult students whose tenacity and persistence is so evident I can’t help but appreciate them. After working all day, they come to class at night…in the rain and after darkness settles.
*Poetry. Writing poetry for the last five months has been an ideal creative complement to our new life.
*The Celtics. Come on. 16 straight? Come on.
*Term limits. I’ve never appreciated term limits so fully.

I’m also grateful for other things, but a complete list would take five-to-six years.

Happy Day of Giving Thanks.

Writing. Poetry. Personal Essays. On the NBA, MLB, media, journalism, culture, teaching and humor.

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