Green Dreams: An Ode to Future Celtics Victories

December 2014, C’s swam in mediocrity,

Rondo to Dallas: a pick and unknown quantity.

Crowder soon became a favorite of the Garden,

Strength and physicality, defense began to harden.

Two months later, and Phoenix gifts Isaiah.

With no off-the-dribble force, offense needed lay-ups.

We know the climbing up the standings,

The story of their rise,

After Boston landed Horford,

A Celtic free-agent prize,

The team seemed poised for greater things,

East contention, if not yet rings.

A playoff run proved entertaining,

Wizards vanquished in 7th game, draining.

IT limped off with injured hip,

The East Finals became a sunken ship,

But Marcus Smart threw caution to the wind,

And swish after swish, a victory hymn,

Then lottery luck finally found the green,

Markelle Fultz then Jayson Tatum dreams.

After the trade, it wasn’t over.

Gordon Hayward drama, then the four-leaf clover,

Came back again, and reeled him in,

Hayward signed, and now begins,

A brand new chapter in Celtics lore.

Avery Bradley the cap casualty of adding more.

A final touch, the brutal Baynes,

This Celtics roster, Stevens at the reigns.


Baynes setting mad screens,

A new sheen of green,

We’ll be getting Hayward free

And finding Tatum underneath

Isaiah with a lighter burden,

Horford making passes certain,

The offense looks brutal to try and defend,

The victories may come early, with laughs at the end,

If Marcus and Jaylen

Keep em honest, we’re sailin..

To an East Finals rematch

Health willing, we’ll dispatch..

The Cavs now not so cavalier

LeBron-leaving thoughts now stoke their fears,

The East may be thought of as second tier,

But C’s fans, listen up now, loud and clear:

We’re set for now and we’re looking good later,

Conference is weak, but don’t listen to haters,

Even if the West is indeed the best,

These Cs are more than lemon zest.

They’re lemonade

Sitting in the shade

With more lotto picks

Like hand grenades

And potential depth in Yabusele.

Don’t confuse with Ojeyele.

I can’t forget my man Rozier,

Kelly O and Bradey gone,

We shed some tears,

But that’s the cost

Of our contention.

Players gone but

Still we mention.

Celtics past now

Celtics future

We once were injured,

But throw away the sutures.

Writing. Poetry. Personal Essays. On the NBA, MLB, media, journalism, culture, teaching and humor.

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