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photo via Visual Hunt

Evening stroll

Attempts to move

Canine bowels

One loop same

Neighborhood houses

Now seen in low light

Golden glows

Filter through late dusk.

Two family dogs

One of retirement age

One in her mid-life crisis

(Coinciding with baby arrival)

One nearly middle-aged fellow.

One never knows

What middle-age will be

Until death.

Sip of whiskey

After whipping up

Friday dinner

Sesame accompaniment

High-chair hot dog

Diced strawberry dessert

We wander the night

Preschool horizons

Anxiety loosened

By the years.


With the tame wolves,

Side-winding stroll

Mama and Baba

Bathtub scrub

Twirling days

Night falls

The future is

A slide guitar

Bending ever closer

To the sun.

Writing. Poetry. Personal Essays. On the NBA, MLB, media, journalism, culture, teaching and humor.

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