Real GM’s NBA Headlines (Insert Comment): December 4-10

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Coffee. NBA News. Begin.

Markelle Fultz No Longer Feeling Shoulder Soreness (Ego Remains Somewhat Bruised)

Bulls Assign G Zach LaVine to G-League for Rehab (LaVine prefers to avoid Bulls until next season)

Kawhi Leonard Targeting Tuesday for Season Debut (Targeting Zaza Pachulia for a posterizing dunk)

Derrick Rose Denies Adidas Contract was Factor in Decision to Keep Playing (When reminded of the $80 million attached, was persuaded to come back one more time)

76ers trade Jahlil Okafor and Nik Stauskas to Nets for Trevor Booker (Okafor gets chance to bring back the old-school post-up game to Brooklyn with a little Sauce on top, while the Sixers actually trade to improve their depth in case of emergency)

Nikola Mirotic Moves On Emotionally From Bobby Portis Incident (Still plans to have his friends wreck Portis’ car during the last game of the season)

Doc Rivers Unlikely To Be Fired By Clippers During Season (Most assuredly will be fired in May)

Joel Embiid Would Make an Additional $32 million if he makes 1st Team All-NBA (Sixers making sure he doesn’t by sitting him out every back-to-back and during other busy stretches)

Rival Execs Give Rockets Legitimate Chance of Signing LeBron James (Rest of league would much prefer LeBron joins the Lakers and the Rockets and Warriors Humiliate the Lakers in the Playoffs)


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