Red Sox Journal Entries (Season Opens)

Game #1
Opening Day washed out. Played the next day, sleepily. Four base-runners. Stranded and silent. Orioles simply too good. If the season is a marathon, this team needs to find its sneakers.

Game #2
A run in the fourth. Sacrificial fly ball off the bat of Marwin. Radio guys discuss deadened ball. Hint of life from Plawecki. JD with leg-liner RBI. Shadows about to become a problem. Rally in 9th. And then silence. Season begins…or has it?

Game #3
A nightmare is the subconscious bubbling up images that frighten a person into consciousness. The nightmare series with Baltimore is over. But the season is just beginning.

Game #4
Pivetta walks four and the tightrope, but when it matters the slide piece slides past Tampa’s bats. A lead at last, that grounder turns two. Game gets easier with a lead, like the scoreboard tells them not to be scared. Then the runs come easy. The game is not a job. Eleven in all on this Monday. A Pesky pole shot for JD. Put one in the W column. Come back tomorrow.

Game #5
Every season needs a few dustings of magic. Bottom 9, down one, Vasquez sends one soaring…up and over the monster. Wait till the 12th, down one again….JD with a long drive to right…Arozarena gets twisted around…it lands in the grass. Both runners cross the plate. Four and a half hours end with a W. They say that thing about 162: Marathon, not a sprint. This team got a late start, but they’ve also got that underdog mojo. A few more like this one and skeptics will once again become believers….

Game #6
Day game getaway. Nate throws strikes. Rays cooperate with ground-outs and liners aimed directly at gloves. Vasquez again the spark, JD means just doubles, his 6th in 6 games. A 3–1 lead blooms into 9–1. Sox cruise to a sweep, Xander with 8 hits in the trio. Three days down, now three days up.

Game #7
Rafael says thank you to Harvey’s 94 mph fastball…set, as if on a tee, in the center of the zone…without doubt, he circles the bases. Eduardo returns to the mound…thankful for health and his lively left arm. Despite giving up a couple blasts, he gets through the fifth, rewarded with a lead before officially exiting. The bats continue to warm, five in the later innings. The streak grows to four.

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