Resurrection Ohio: 2016 NBA Playoff Poetry

Who thought LeBron’s team dead?

Healthy Kyrie set free

Undeniable Tristan Thompson

Resurrection Ohio

Curry’s mouthpiece lingers

His knee will recover this summer

Livingston’s personal redemption

Draymond’s fire backfired after 88 wins

Fires rage and sometimes burn out of control

LeBron stepping over Draymond: symbolism.

Left behind: OKC’s opportunity torched by Klay’s Game 6

Westbrook the Magician

Duraflame Durant

Sorcerer Steven Adams

Oh those indelible last few minutes of Turnover Hell

Left behind: Canada’s team landed on playoff map

All of Lowry’s work paid off

DeRozan will be back

Jonas is still so young

Where will Biyombo go?

Left behind: Spurs transitioning identity

Regular season victories are all too regular now

Kawhi needed more

LaMarcus and old man Parker not enough

The furious length of OKC

What if eras don’t end, they just ebb and flow?

Left behind: Millsap and Hawks forever in LeBron’s shadow

Schroder arriving (will his jumper join him?) as Teague departs

Left behind: Another tumultuous April in Hollywood

Chris Paul’s hand, Blake Griffin’s quad, another year older

The playoffs recede

Another season washed away

Title dreams of 2016 now history

One ring reality for the Cavs

Writing. Poetry. Personal Essays. On the NBA, MLB, media, journalism, culture, teaching and humor.

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