Sleeping Alone (at eight weeks)

Nobody likes sleeping alone
Not true! says someone.
Rephrase and declare:
Most humans prefer
Sleeping next to
Another human.

Want warmth
And protection
Why would they
Prefer sleeping alone?

But we ask them
To learn how
In order to save ourselves
And allow them
To find independence.

At two months
She is too young
But still we try
To show her
How to cope
With a miniature bed
All to herself.

She dozes off
In my arms
Tucked away
And then
I negotiate gravity
And my limited flexibility.

Rising from a couch
I may as well be

Rising from the bottom

Of the ocean

Treading silently
Toward the crib
Where I will attempt
The transfer.
Her eyes open
And then close
And she makes
A satisfied snort.

I leave the room
A cautious
dance partner
But minutes later
She startles awake
Finds a new register
A terrified sound
She is alone
In this bed
But not
In this world.

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