You Are Given A Glass Of Water…

Five days after leaving your village, you are all walking, then some are crawling, then some are lying down in the fetal position, and finally…you are staggering in the desert, you and the small group of villagers you’ve been wandering with.

Someone discovers a mystifying tree in the distance. At last. A shady spot to recover. Miraculously, there are Red Cross workers and a kind of oasis waiting there. You all make your way, gradually over the final sand dune between your eyes and the destination. The older folks are given a gentle push from behind.

There’s a cool glass of water waiting for you at a picnic table. Your throat is achingly dry. Your feet are cracked and bleeding. Its the damn desert!

You sit down next to the others, old folks who didn’t even want to leave the village, young children who stopped complaining and became eerily silent a few days ago. Sand fills the air. Mercifully, you are given a glass of water to quench your thirst.

You notice it has something strange floating in it.

You put the glass down for a minute. In this scenario, you cannot give the water to someone else. You can do two things:

  1. Ask someone about the bug, find out the water is safe, and then pick it out and quench your thirst….


2. You can pour it all out into the sand and slowly die.

Are you really going to pour out all your water in protest of that bug…or will you be grateful you were given the water, and then help figure out how to make the water cleaner for the next group, who you just spotted, struggling silhouettes on the horizon, trying to make their way toward the tree?


When anyone tells you they won’t vote for a candidate out of fear (as if their is nothing to be afraid of), or that the system is rigged (maybe it is), which means a vote doesn’t matter, or (and this one is almost always meant just to provoke) that the Democrats are no different than the Republicans, you know that person likely has more clean water for themselves, or they’ve been so thirsty for so long that they’ve convinced themselves that nobody should have water.

There is no perfect candidate. You can call politics evil or broken or dishonest. I will not protest those truths. They may be your truths…but you better acknowledge how badly we all need our water..and yes…we need to make it cleaner for all.

Writing. Poetry. Personal Essays. On the NBA, MLB, media, journalism, culture, teaching and humor.

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